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Angelina Angelic’s School of Burlesque

Living and breathing burlesque since 2012, Angelina now proudly presents her brand new school of burlesque!

„When I first discovered burlesque I was charmed and inspired by the ideal of a women who is self-confident, courageous, glamorous, seductive and fun-loving. A women who is not afraid to share her beauty with others.“

Fascinated by the vivid world of burlesque, Angelina always wanted to create a safe space for women to fully embrace their womenhood. A space which allows them to bloom, boost their self-confidence, discover their femininity and accept themselves as they are while not taking themselves too seriously at the same time.

Angelina Angelic co-founded the Prague Burlesque Academy in 2014 and lead it’s numerous burlesque classes for four amazing years until summer 2018.

Teaching seductive burlesque techniques, familiarizing students with burlesque‘s intriguing history, working with the most beloved props such as gloves, stockings, boas and much more, teaching her students to master graceful moves and poses as well as putting the focus on body positivity, Angelina always supports each of her students in their own originality and style.

As she said in one of her first tv interviews: „Burlesque is a beautiful form of entertainment but for me it was never just about stripping. I have always felt that even my own soul is exposed and fully naked in front of the audience.“ This is why she thinks burlesque courses can have an almost therapeutic effect.

Having international experience with performing and teaching workshops, courses, hen parties, and private classes, Angelina claims: “ Burlesque changed my life, made me more beautiful. More powerful. Burlesque taught me how to enjoy my life more.“

Now she is finally presenting you her weekly classes, burlesque beginners courses, workshops and much much more…


Angelina Angelic

Angelina Angelic is a international burlesque starlet based in Prague. Storming the stages for over five years, her compelling bigger then life stage presence, blonde hair, and voluptuous curves have been teasing and entertaining audiences in regular shows across the world which are a concoction of her daring sex appeal and infectious positive energy. As this exquisite showwoman has enormous passion for glamour, burlesque and entertainment, her main goal is to make every performance an enchanting experience and take her audience on an inspiring journey to a completely different world filled with beauty and playfullness.



Burlesque beginner classes

Explore the amazing world of burlesque. Enhance the grace of your movement and posture and learn tricks every seductress should know.

Beginner course
3600 CZK

Burlesque advanced classes

The advanced classes build on the topics and skills taught in the beginner classes – movement, musicality, expression, working with props.

Advanced course
3600 CZK


The Masterclasses are designed for those of you who have completed the beginners and advanced classes and wish to prepare your own act, which you will premiere at the popular Burlesque Beginners Night.

Masterclass course
1650 CZK

Weekly classes

Do you know the basics of burlesque and want more? Each of the „Weekly dose of burlesque“ classes is dedicated to one of the wide range of attractive topics that burlesque has to offer.

Weekly dose of burlesque course
3600 CZK

Hen parties

Looking for the perfect gift for your soon-to-be-married friend? This workshop will remain an unforgettable experience for her and you alike.

Hen parties
Be so kind and contact me for more detailed offer.


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